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Dance Schedule

Monday         Tuesday      
A   B     A   B  
    4:30-5:15PM Bop 'n Hop          
4:15-5:15PM Preschool Performers 5:15-6:15PM Hip Hop 1   4:00-5:00PM Acrobatics 4:30-5:30PM Preschool Performers
5:15-7:15PM Intermediate 2 6:15-7:15PM Advanced Hip Hop 1   5:00-6:00PM   Junior 1 5:30-7:00PM Junior 3
7:15-9:15PM Advanced 1 7:15-8:15PM Hip Hop 3   6:00-7:00PM   Lyrical 3 7:00-9:00PM Advanced 2
    8:15-9:15PM Advanced Hip Hop 2   7:00-9:30PM Elite    
Wednesday         Thursday      
A   B     A   B  
          9:30-10:15AM Wiggles & Giggles    
          10:15-11:15AM   Preschool Performers    
          11:15-12:15PM   Tiny Tutus    
    4:00-5:00PM Kinder Cuties   4:15-5:15PM Musical Theatre 4:45-5:30PM Petite Poms
4:15-5:15PM Junior 2 5:00-6:00PM Tiny Tutus   5:15-6:15PM Lyrical/Contemporary 1 5:30-6:15PM Bop 'n Hop
5:15-7:15PM Intermediate 1 6:00-7:00PM Adv. Poms   6:15-7:15PM Pointe 1 6:15-7:15PM Hip Hop 1
7:15-9:15PM Intermediate 3 7:15-8:15PM Inter. Poms   7:15-8:15PM Hip Hop 2 7:15-8:15PM Lyrical/Contemporary 2
    8:15-9:15PM   Beginner 2   8:15-9:15PM Adult Hip Hop 8:15-9:15PM Pointe 2
Friday         Saturday      
A   B     A   B  
          9:00-12:00PM Senior Dance Team 9:00 - 10:00AM   Tiny Tutus
          12:00-3:00PM Teen Dance Team 10:00 - 11:00AM   Kinder Cuties
              11:00 - 12:00PM   Preschool Performers
5:00-7:15PM Junior Dance Team 5:15-6:15PM Kinder Cuties       12:00 - 1:00PM   Junior 1
7:15-9:15PM Advanced Adults 6:15-7:15PM Junior 2          

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